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Autonomous Mobile Robots Market Size Worth $14.4 Billion By 2030: IndustryARC

Oct 5, 2023 12:00 AM ET

Autonomous Mobile Robots Market Size Worth $14.4 Billion By 2030: IndustryARC

Global Autonomous Mobile Robots Market size is predicted to reach $14.4 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 21.4% during the forecast period 2023-2030 according to the latest market research report published by IndustryARC. The surging demand in Healthcare, Defense & Security, and growing awareness of advantages in Autonomous Mobile Robots in various end use industries are poised to propel the market growth, finds IndustryARC in its recent report, titled  “Autonomous Mobile Robots Market – By Type (Goods-to-Person Picking Robots, Self-Driving Forklifts, Autonomous Inventory Robots), By Application (Sorting, Pick & Place, Tugging, Warehouse Fleet Management, Others), By End-Use (Warehouse and Distribution Centers, Defense and Security, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Automotive, Industrial, Others), By Geography (North America, Europe, APAC, South America, Middle East and Africa) & Industry Forecast, 2023-2030”.

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Asia-Pacific to Register Highest Growth:

Geographically, in the global Autonomous Mobile Robot Market share, Asia-Pacific is analyzed to grow with the highest CAGR of 22.6% during the forecast period 2023-2030. The Asia-Pacific region is one of the fastest-growing markets for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), driven by several factors including, improving infrastructure and growth in the manufacturing sector. The Asia-Pacific region is making significant investments in its transportation and logistics systems.

Startups in emerging economies such as India are collaborating with foreign manufacturers to improve their business performance in mobile robots. For example, In March 2023 Peer Robotics announced its partnership with Acceleration Robotics to bring improved performance to their collaborative AMR.


Autonomous Mobile Robot Market 2023-2030: Segmentation

By Type

   Goods-to-Person Picking Robots

   Self-Driving Forklifts

   Autonomous Inventory Robots


By Application


   Pick & Place


   Warehouse Fleet Management


By End-Use Industry

   Warehouse and Distribution Centers

   Defense and Security




   E-Commerce and Retail

   Food & Beverage

   Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics



By Geography

   North America



   South America

   Rest of the World (Middle East and Africa)


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Better Performance of Self-Driving Forklifts

In the Autonomous Mobile Robot Market analysis, the Self-Driving Forklifts segment is estimated to grow with the highest CAGR of 22.4% during the forecast period. Self-Driving Forklifts can work continuously without needing breaks, also, they can increase productivity by decreasing downtime. They can also save time and money by optimizing their routes and committing fewer mistakes. These can be especially useful in fields with high turnover rates or frequent labour shortages.

High Demand in Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing held a major market share of 41.2% in 2022 owing to its high demand for material handling, assembly, and quality control processes that autonomous mobile robots can automate in the manufacturing process. Due to their flexibility and adaptability, AMRs are ideal for manufacturing settings where production processes must frequently be reconfigured or altered. AMRs can be easily programmed and reprogrammed to carry out a variety of tasks, in contrast to traditional fixed automation systems. Such unique benefits of AMRs are driving their adoption in Manufacturing.

Adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Techniques Leading the market

AMRs are now more intelligent, effective, and adaptable than ever thanks to the development of new technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision. Robots can now access data and computing resources from the cloud. With the help of cloud robotics, autonomous mobile robots can access a wealth of data that will help them make better decisions and perform better overall.

The Sensor Fusion robot uses multiple sensors such as LIDAR, Camera, GPS and other sensors to gather data about the environment. It involves combining data from multiple sensors to create a more accurate and complete understanding of the robot’s surroundings.

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Key Opportunity Analysis:

Ability to Bring Cost-efficiency in Businesses Makes AMRs Gain Wider Traction

AMRs can help businesses save money in a number of ways. By carrying out tasks that would otherwise necessitate the use of human workers, they can lower labour costs. By maximizing their routes and avoiding pointless movements, they can also cut their energy costs. Also, AMRs can optimize workflows and production processes, reducing the time and resources needed to complete tasks. This can lead to increased productivity and reduced costs.

Better Performance in Providing Safety Measures:

AMRs can lower the possibility of accidents and injuries at work. The risk of collisions and other accidents can be decreased by programming them to navigate around people safely and obstacles. They may also have sensors that can identify potential dangers and halt the robot before any harm is done. Also, AMRs are programmed with safe speed limits to ensure they operate safely in different environments. The speed limits are determined by variables like the environment, the presence of obstacles, and the task being carried out.

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The Report also Covers the Following Areas:

Autonomous Mobile Robot Size and Forecast

Autonomous Mobile Robot Market Trends

Autonomous Mobile Robot Market Analysis by Product Type

Autonomous Mobile Robot Market 2023-2030: Key Highlights

CAGR of the market during the forecast period 2023-2030

Value Chain Analysis of key stake holders

Detailed Analysis of market drivers and opportunities during the forecast period

Autonomous Mobile Robot Market size estimation and forecast

Analysis and predictions on end users’ behavior and upcoming trends

Competitive landscape and Vendor market analysis including offerings, developments, and financials

Comprehensive Analysis of challenges and constraints in the Autonomous Mobile Robot

COVID-19 / Ukraine Crisis – Impact Analysis: 

The Covid -19 crisis is the greatest challenge in every industrial sector. Since the pandemic took hold, there has been tremendous growth in the adoption of Mobile Robots because it prevents the spread of viruses among patients and healthcare workers. This has come to be recognized as one of the technologies that are most helpful in the struggle against COVID-19. Also, the lockdown imposed by the government during the pandemic suspended import-export activities of raw materials severely, which negatively impacted the Autonomous Mobile Robot Market.

The crisis in Ukraine has disrupted supply chains in the region, which adversely affected the production and distribution of AMRs. This conflict led to increased uncertainty and risk for businesses operating in the region, which could affect investment and growth in the AMRs market.

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List of Key Market Players in the Autonomous Mobile Robot Market:

The Global Autonomous Mobile Robot Market is fragmented with several global and regional companies operating with expansive manufacturing capabilities and extensive distribution networks. The key companies profiled are listed below:

  1. ABB Ltd
  2. Teradyne Inc
  3. KUKA AG
  4. Boston Dynamics
  5. Aethon Inc.
  6. Harvest Automation
  7. GreyOrange
  8. Mobile Industrial Robots
  9. inVia Robotics, Inc
  10. Locus Robotics Inc.

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