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Battery Electrolytes Market Size Expected to Reach USD $23.8 Billion with CAGR of 16.1% by 2030 – IndustryARC

Oct 7, 2023 12:00 AM ET

Battery Electrolytes Market Size Expected to Reach USD $23.8 Billion with CAGR of 16.1% by 2030 – IndustryARC

Battery Electrolytes Market, valued at USD $23.8 billion in 2030, exhibits a robust 16.1% CAGR growth from 2023 to 2030. It’s a pivotal sector within the energy storage industry, crucial for rechargeable batteries’ functioning, aiding ion movement between cathodes and anodes. This growth is driven by soaring demand for energy storage in consumer electronics, electric vehicles, renewables, and grid stabilization. Industry progress hinges on R&D for enhanced formulations, improved safety, and eco-friendly battery solutions, backed by regulatory support. Challenges include cost and safety concerns. Companies are investing in innovation and partnerships to address these. In summary, the Battery Electrolytes

Market’s future looks bright, aligning with sustainability and carbon reduction goals. This report provides comprehensive insights for informed industry decisions.

Battery Electrolytes Market Current and Future Trends

Battery Electrolytes Market trends include a focus on solid-state electrolytes, sustainability, and safety enhancements. Future trends are expected to revolve around higher energy density, faster charging, and broader applications beyond EVs, driven by the need for efficient energy storage in various industries.

Paris Agreement’s ambitious goal of limiting global temperature increase to just 1.5 degrees Celsius, it is imperative that electric vehicle (EV) sales constitute a substantial 75-95% of the global passenger car market by 2030, eventually reaching 100% by 2035. This surge in EV adoption is projected to be a catalyst for a significant uptick in demand for lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, consequently propelling the expansion of the lithium-ion battery metals market throughout the anticipated timeframe.

Shift Towards Solid-State Electrolytes: Solid-state electrolytes have gained attention due to their potential to improve battery safety, energy density, and cycle life. Research and development in this area continue to progress, with several companies working on commercializing solid-state electrolyte-based batteries.

Lithium-Ion Dominance: remain the dominant technology in the market, driven by their use in portable electronics, electric vehicles (EVs), and renewable energy storage systems. Innovations in lithium-ion electrolyte formulations are ongoing to enhance performance and safety.

EV Market Growth: The electric vehicle market’s expansion is a significant driver of battery electrolyte demand. As automakers introduce more EV models and expand production capacity, the need for high-performance and long-lasting batteries continues to grow.

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Battery Electrolytes Market Report – Scope:

1. The Battery Electrolytes Market has been segmented by battery type, Lithium-Ion, Lead Acid, Flow Battery, Nickel Metal, Others, Electrolyte type, End-user and geography. The report provides insights into the market dynamics, including market drivers and challenges.

2. The Battery Electrolytes Market encompasses the production and sale of materials critical for rechargeable batteries, facilitating ion movement. It spans various sectors, including consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and renewable energy storage.

3. The competitive landscape section features company profiles of major players such as Umicore and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. This report is a valuable source of guidance and direction for companies and individuals interested in the market.

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The top 10 players in the Battery Electrolytes industry are:

1. Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation


3. Solvay SA

4. LG Chem Ltd.

5. UBE Industries Ltd.

6. Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.

7. Toda Kogyo Corp.

8. Shenzhen Capchem Technology Co., Ltd.

9. TOMIYAMA Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd.

10. Merck KGaA

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