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Intelligent Virtual Assistance Market to Hit USD 14.09 Billion by 2030 owing to Rising Demand for Enhanced Customer Experience and Technological Advancements

Oct 30, 2023 1:00 PM ET

Intelligent Virtual Assistance Market to Hit USD 14.09 Billion by 2030 owing to Rising Demand for Enhanced Customer Experience and Technological Advancements

Intelligent Virtual Assistance Market Overview:

According to SNS Insider’s research, the Intelligent Virtual Assistance Market is witnessing unprecedented growth, driven by technological advancements, the pursuit of enhanced customer experience, cost efficiency, integration with IoT devices, and cross-industry adoption.

The intelligent virtual assistance market, valued at USD 2.38 billion in 2022 according to the SNS Insider report, is projected to reach USD 14.09 billion by 2030, exhibiting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.9% during the forecast period from 2023 to 2030.

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Major Key Players Included in the Report are:

• Amazon Inc
• eGain Corp
• Apple Inc
• Baidu Inc
• Next IT Corp
• Clara Labs
• CSS Corp
• Welltok Inc
• Creative Virtual
• CodeBaby Corp
• Google Inc
• IBM Corp
• Kognito
• Microsoft Corp
• MedRespond
• Nuance Communications Inc
• Oracle Corp
• True Image Interactive Inc
• Verint
• Others

Market Report Scope

Intelligent Virtual Assistance refers to advanced AI-driven software that interacts with users in a natural and conversational manner. It employs algorithms, machine learning, and NLP to comprehend user queries and respond appropriately. IVAs are designed to handle a wide array of tasks, including customer inquiries, data retrieval, appointment scheduling, and much more. IVAs enhance customer service by providing instant, accurate, and consistent responses, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. IVAs collect valuable data on customer interactions, preferences, and behaviors, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions for better-targeted marketing and product development.

Market Analysis

The rapid evolution of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms has paved the way for highly sophisticated IVAs. Advanced algorithms enable IVAs to comprehend complex user queries, engage in natural conversations, and provide personalized solutions. As these technologies continue to advance, the capabilities of IVAs are expected to become even more refined, enhancing their utility across diverse sectors. The integration of IVAs with Internet of Things (IoT) devices is expanding the horizon of possibilities. IVAs can now control smart home devices, provide weather updates, and even offer personalized health advice through wearable devices. This synergy between IVAs and IoT is creating a seamless and interconnected ecosystem, driving the demand for intelligent virtual assistants in smart homes, healthcare, and other IoT-driven applications. IVAs are not confined to specific industries; their versatile applications span across various sectors. Businesses in retail, healthcare, banking, and hospitality are all recognizing the potential of IVAs to enhance customer engagement and operational efficiency. All these factors to support substantial growth of the intelligent virtual assistance market.

Market Segmentation and Sub-Segmentation Included Are:

By Technology:

• Text-to-Speech
• Text-based

By Product:

• Chatbot
• Smart Speaker

By Application:

• IT & Telecom
• Consumer Electronics

Impact of Recession

The recession has accelerated the adoption of cutting-edge technologies within the intelligent virtual assistance market. Machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence have become pivotal tools in refining virtual assistants, making them more intuitive and capable of handling complex tasks. This technological evolution, driven by the recession-induced need for efficiency, is reshaping the landscape of intelligent virtual assistance. Interestingly, the recession has fueled the global expansion of the IVA market. Companies, seeking to optimize costs and tap into new consumer bases, are increasingly embracing virtual assistants.

Impact of Russia-Ukraine War

As geopolitical tensions rise, there is a growing concern about data security and privacy. Intelligent virtual assistants handle vast amounts of sensitive information, and businesses are now investing more in enhancing the security measures of these systems. In response to the geopolitical landscape, businesses in the intelligent virtual assistance market are forming strategic alliances and exploring new markets. Geopolitical tensions have encouraged companies to diversify their market presence, seeking stability in regions less affected by the conflict. This diversification strategy is opening up new avenues for market expansion and fostering innovation in product development and marketing strategies.

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Key Regional Development

North America is leading the intelligent virtual assistance market, with the United States and Canada leading the way in technological innovations. The presence of key industry players, coupled with robust investments in research and development, has propelled the region’s growth. The demand for IVAs in sectors such as healthcare, e-commerce, and finance is notably high, driven by a tech-savvy consumer base and a proactive approach to digital transformation. In Europe, the IVA market is characterized by the emphasis on multilingual capabilities. With diverse linguistic landscapes across countries, businesses are investing in IVAs that can seamlessly communicate in multiple languages. The Asia-Pacific region is experiencing rapid digitalization, driving the adoption of IVAs across various industries. Countries like China, India, and Japan are witnessing significant market expansion, owing to the increasing internet penetration and smartphone usage.

Key Takeaway from Intelligent Virtual Assistance Market Study

• The chatbot segment has emerged as a dominant force, reshaping customer interactions and business operations. Several factors contribute to its supremacy in the market. Chatbots have revolutionized customer engagement strategies. By providing instant responses to customer queries, they enhance user experience, leading to higher customer satisfaction rates.
• The IT & Telecom segment has played a pivotal role in pioneering innovations within the market. The IT & Telecom segment excels in creating scalable and customizable solutions. Businesses have diverse needs, and intelligent virtual assistants must adapt to these requirements. IT & Telecom companies develop virtual assistant platforms that can be tailored to specific industries, ensuring that businesses receive a solution that aligns perfectly with their objectives.

Recent Developments Related to Intelligent Virtual Assistance Market

• Verint, a leading provider of customer engagement solutions, has recently released its latest innovation: a cutting-edge Low-Code Intelligent Virtual Assistant tailored for seamless customer engagement. Its intuitive design and advanced functionality empower businesses to effortlessly engage with their customers in real-time, enhancing user experience and boosting overall customer satisfaction.
• IBM and TD Securities have joined forces to introduce an innovative solution aimed at enhancing customer experience in the world of online precious metal shopping. Leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of IBM Watson Assistant, the collaboration has given birth to an intelligent virtual assistant designed exclusively for the TD Precious Metals digital shop.

Table of Contents – Major Key Points

1. Introduction
2. Research Methodology
3. Market Dynamics
4. Impact Analysis
4.1. COVID-19 Impact Analysis
4.2. Impact of Ukraine- Russia war
4.3. Impact of ongoing Recession on Major Economies
5. Value Chain Analysis
6. Porter’s 5 Forces Model
7. PEST Analysis
8. Intelligent Virtual Assistance Market Segmentation, by Technology
9. Intelligent Virtual Assistance Market Segmentation, by Product
10. Intelligent Virtual Assistance Market Segmentation, by Application
11. Regional Analysis
12. Company Profiles
13. Competitive Landscape
14. USE Cases and Best Practices
15. Conclusion

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