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APAC NDT Services in Aerospace and Defense is Set to Become a USD 363.4 Million Market by 2033- BIS Research

Dec 26, 2023 6:00 PM ET

APAC NDT Services in Aerospace and Defense is Set to Become a USD 363.4 Million Market by 2033- BIS Research

Non-destructive testing (NDT) plays a vital role in the aerospace and defense industry, tracing its origins to World War II. Currently, the NDT market in this sector is mature, with a consistent and stable demand. Various methods, including ultrasonic testing, eddy current testing, magnetic particle inspection, and radiographic inspection, are employed to detect surface, sub-surface, and internal defects in aerospace components.  

Amongst all regions, Asia-Pacific is gaining a significant market for NDT services. The Asia-Pacific non-destructive testing services in the aerospace and defense market are estimated to reach $363.4 million by 2033 from $256.4 million in 2022, at a CAGR of 3.44% during the forecast period 2023-2033. 



Market Analysis: Trends, Data, and Growth Projections  

Technological trends in the NDT Services in the aerospace and defense market include the increasing use of computed tomography (CT) for 3D reconstruction to detect internal defects in complex additive manufacturing components. Integrating IoT and cloud-based services in non-destructive testing (NDT) enhances efficiency with real-time monitoring, data analysis, and remote access. Additionally, drone-based enabled NDT Inspection transforms inspection processes by reducing costs, improving safety, and providing access to hard-to-reach areas in aircraft, military vehicles, and other aerospace equipment. These trends reflect the industry’s commitment to advanced technologies for efficient and precise inspection, ensuring high-quality and safety standards. 

BIS Research, a leading market research firm, has released a report titled- APAC NDT Services in the Aerospace and Defense Market, which discusses the challenges, growth factors, and future opportunities driving the remarkable growth of the APAC NDT services in the aerospace and defense market. 



Key Players and Market Segments  

Some major companies operating in the APAC NDT services in the aerospace and defense market are:    

  • Air Works
  • PROMAG Tech. NDT
  • GNAT Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • MQS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Trinity NDT

The market is segmented by testing type, including ultrasonic, radiographic, eddy current, magnetic particle, penetrant, visual, leak detection, acoustic emission, shearography, and thermography. Geographically, the focus is on China, India, Japan, and the rest of the Asia-Pacific. 



Market Drivers, Challenges, and Opportunities 

The APAC non-destructive testing (NDT) market in aerospace and defense is driven by its seamless integration into the manufacturing process and the increasing demand to uphold high standards. However, challenges lie in effectively testing large and complex structures and addressing the shortage of skilled labor for NDT Industry 4.0. Opportunities emerge with the upcoming demand for satellite constellations in the burgeoning NewSpace ecosystem, presenting a new frontier for NDT applications.  

Moreover, continuous technological advancements in NDT inspections offer prospects for enhanced precision and efficiency, positioning the aerospace and defense industry to benefit from evolving NDT methodologies and cater to the increasing demands for safety and quality standards. 



Analyst Note 

BIS’s principal analyst suggests: “Ultrasonics, eddy current and radiographic testing are the prominent testing methods within the A&D domain. While radiography continues to grow in utilization, magnetic particle and penetrant testing methods of non-destructive testing are also gaining traction. Increasing automation in manufacturing and deploying technologies such as additive manufacturing will continue to drive the uptake of non-destructive testing solutions. Further efforts toward capacity planning across the value chain will also drive the investment in non-destructive testing. Digitalization and associated ICT capability-based enhancements will enhance the growth in this market.” 



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