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Plant Disease Detection and Monitoring Market is Expected to Reach USD 3.03 Billion by 2028- BIS Research

Dec 26, 2023 5:00 PM ET

Plant Disease Detection and Monitoring Market is Expected to Reach USD 3.03 Billion by 2028- BIS Research

Plant pathogens cause significant annual crop yield losses, while invasive pests contribute to a USD 70 billion financial burden and biodiversity decline. This financial burden has created a substantial demand for plant disease and pathogen detection tools and technology. The global pathogen or plant disease detection and monitoring industry is expected to grow with a CAGR of 9.68% from 2023-2028 to reach $3.03 billion by 2028 from $1.76 billion in 2022. 



Market Analysis: Trends, Data, and Growth Projections  

The expansion of the market for detecting and monitoring plant diseases is expected to stem from an increasing demand for food security and quality, especially in developing countries. These nations face significant crop production losses and post-harvest management challenges due to plant diseases. Advancements in innovative detection methods, such as biosensors, point-of-care devices, remote sensing, and nanotechnology, offer quick, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for in-field diagnostics.  

BIS Research, a leading market research firm, has released a report titled- Pathogen or Plant Disease Detection and Monitoring Market, which discusses the challenges, growth factors, and future opportunities driving the remarkable growth of the pathogen or plant disease detection and monitoring market. The detailed study is a compilation of 9 market data tables, and 26 figures spread across 137 pages.  



Key Players and Market Segments 

Some major companies operating in the global pathogen or plant disease detection and monitoring market are:    

  • Abingdon Health
  • Planet Labs PBC
  • Agdia, Inc.
  • Creative Diagnostics
  • Drone Ag
  • Libelium Comunicaciones Distribuidas S.L.
  • Dronegy
  • Ceres Imaging
  • Agricolus
  • GeoPard Agriculture


The pathogen or plant disease detection and monitoring market is segmented based on applications, products, and regions. In terms of applications, it differentiates between open-field and controlled-environment scenarios, employing tools like the LAMP-PCR kit for outdoor on-site detection and CRISPR technology for precise identification in indoor agriculture.  

The market offers a range of products, including diagnostic kits for molecular detection with recent advancements in nanotechnology and biosensors, digital solutions utilizing cutting-edge technologies for real-time monitoring, and laboratory services combining established techniques like PCR and microscopy with modern innovations such as blockchain for enhanced traceability. 

Geographically, the market spans North America, Europe, China, Asia-Pacific, South America, the Middle East, and Africa, with each region driven by factors like food security demand, technological advancements, adherence to international trade regulations, and the need for climate-resilient detection methods.  



Market Drivers, Challenges, and Opportunities 

The pathogen or plant disease detection and monitoring market is expanding due to heightened fungicide usage, the development of new fungicides, and the imperative to manage fungicide resistance. This market is pivotal in providing tools for swift and precise diagnosis of fungal diseases and resistance status in the field, incorporating diverse disease management methods for sustainable fungal disease control amid increasing threats of fungicide resistance.  

Factors such as climate change, global food trade, and pathogen evolution contribute to the rising prevalence of plant diseases, underscoring the necessity for robust surveillance. Key technologies include disease sensors, high-throughput sequencing, predictive modeling, and data analytics, driven by interdisciplinary collaborations in plant pathology, precision agriculture, genetic diversity, and microbial interactions. 

Market challenges encompass the limitations of traditional molecular techniques, leading to inaccurate results, extended timelines, and sample security concerns, impeding widespread adoption. Adopting genetically modified (GM) crops while boosting productivity presents challenges for plant disease detection.  

Nevertheless, opportunities arise from innovations in point-of-care diagnostics (POCD), revolutionizing disease detection with rapid, accurate, and cost-effective testing. Integrated devices like smartphones, wearables, and IoT enable real-time data collection for precise crop health management, and advanced assay technologies and in-field diagnostics play a pivotal role in early plant pathogen detection, curbing agricultural losses.  



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Analyst Note 

BIS principal analyst says, “The pathogen or plant disease detection and monitoring market is rapidly growing, driven by technological advancements such as AI and IoT. There is a pressing need for innovative solutions to counter rising threats to global food security, emphasizing precision and early detection. Stakeholders recognize the economic and environmental benefits, signaling a paradigm shift in the industry with promising opportunities for growth and investment.”  



About BIS Research 

BIS Research is a global B2B market intelligence and advisory firm focusing on deep technology and related emerging trends, which can disrupt the market dynamics in the near future. We publish over 200 market intelligence studies annually, focusing on several deep technology verticals.   

Our strategic market analysis emphasizes market estimations, technology analysis, emerging high-growth applications, deeply segmented granular country-level market data, and other important market parameters useful in the strategic decision-making for senior management.    

BIS Research offers syndicate and custom studies and expert consultations to firms, providing them with specific and actionable insights on novel technology markets, business models, and competitive landscapes.   




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