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APAC Automotive Integrated Antenna Systems Market is Growing at a CAGR of 12.81%, Expected to Grow Multifold by 2031: BIS Research

Jan 16, 2024 5:00 AM ET

APAC Automotive Integrated Antenna Systems Market is Growing at a CAGR of 12.81%, Expected to Grow Multifold by 2031: BIS Research

The automotive industry is experiencing a transformative phase propelled by globally connected vehicles, ushering in a new era. These vehicles are equipped with extensive sensor platforms that generate substantial data from various systems, including LIDAR, telematics control units, and OBD-II interfaces.  

Emerging applications like vehicle-to-everything (V2X), advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), firmware-over-the-air (FOTA), diagnostics, real-time maps, and others demand a significant increase in data transmission to and from vehicles. Consequently, there has been a substantial growth in both the quantity and diversity of antennas. Achieving optimal performance for an antenna system depends on carefully considering the location and surrounding conditions. 

The Asia-Pacific automotive integrated antenna system market (excluding China) is projected to reach $393.4 million by 2031 from $132.9 million in 2022, growing at a CAGR of 12.81% during the forecast period 2022-2031. 


Market Analysis: Trends, Data, and Growth Projections   

Current trends in the industry include a growing need for continuous internet connectivity, an increasing integration of infotainment systems, and the adoption of antenna farms. The demand for a permanent internet connection highlights the significance of uninterrupted connectivity in various applications. The rise in the integration of infotainment systems underscores the growing importance of entertainment and information features within vehicles. Furthermore, implementing antenna farms reflects a notable shift towards optimizing antenna systems for enhanced performance and capabilities in diverse applications. 

BIS Research, a leading market research firm, has released a report titled- Asia-Pacific automotive integrated antenna system market, which discusses the challenges, growth factors, and future opportunities driving the remarkable growth of the Asia-Pacific automotive integrated antenna system market.  


Key Players and Market Segments  

Some major companies operating in the Asia-Pacific automotive integrated antenna system market: 

  • Harada Industry Co. Ltd. 
  • Denso Corporation
  • Yokogawa Electric Corporation
  • AGC Automotive
  • ACE Technologies Corporation
  • Mistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


The market exhibits a detailed and comprehensive segmentation across various dimensions. Firstly, it addresses different vehicle types, serving passenger and commercial vehicles. The second segmentation focuses on antenna type, distinguishing between planar and non-planar antennas. The third dimension encompasses telematics control units (TCU), antennas, cables, and data connectors. Antenna design forms the fourth segmentation, offering choices like Shark-Fin Antenna, Antenna Farm, and TCU Box with Integrated Antenna, among others. The fifth segmentation involves connectivity options, including GNSS/GPS, WiFi-Bluetooth, cellular, and other modes. Frequency constitutes the sixth segmentation, categorized into high frequency, very high frequency, and ultra-high frequency. Finally, the market is geographically segmented into countries like Japan, India, South Korea, and the Rest-of-Asia-Pacific and Japan. 


Market Drivers, Challenges, and Opportunities 

The demand drivers propelling the automotive integrated antenna system market forward include the growing sales of electric and autonomous vehicles and an increasing emphasis on vehicle safety. These factors contribute to the rising need for advanced antenna systems in the automotive industry.  

However, the market is anticipated to encounter challenges, particularly in navigating the conflict between the requirement for smaller device sizes and the simultaneous need for larger antenna bandwidth. Balancing these contrasting demands poses a hurdle for the market as it strives to meet evolving technological and safety standards. 


Analyst Note  

BIS principal analyst suggests: “Businesses are developing innovative solutions and launching new products. Collaborations and product launches are the key strategies assisting the market’s growth. The massive shift in consumer preferences has provided a viable opportunity for automotive manufacturers to gain strong ground in this domain. Moreover, increasing awareness regarding power management and electric cars and growing safety concerns are expected to increase the adoption of automotive integrated antenna systems globally.” 


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