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BIS Research Releases Body in White Market Report for the Forecast Period 2023-2033

Jan 18, 2024 7:00 PM ET

BIS Research Releases Body in White Market Report for the Forecast Period 2023-2033

The term “Body in White” (BIW) describes the phase in car production wherein the metal framework of a vehicle is constructed prior to incorporating elements such as doors, windows, and trim. It serves as the core structure of the vehicle, highlighting its framework and structural soundness. In the BIW process, sheet metal components are fused through welding, shaping the fundamental shell of the car. This phase is crucial as it establishes the vehicle’s overall robustness, safety, and endurance. Engineers carefully plan and enhance the body in white to ensure compliance with rigorous safety standards, simultaneously establishing a base for the vehicle’s aesthetics and performance. 

As manufacturers emphasize lightweight materials and inventive construction methods, the Body in White (BIW) market is undergoing rapid evolution. With a focus on enhanced safety features, structural integrity, and fuel efficiency, the growing BIW market reflects a dynamic industry responding to changing preferences and regulatory requirements.  



Body in White Market Analysis: Drivers, Challenges and Opportunities 

Key developments in the body in white market include a focus on lightweight technologies, integrating advanced materials, adopting innovative manufacturing techniques, addressing electric vehicle (EV) requirements, and embracing digitalization for enhanced efficiency.  

Market drivers encompass stringent safety regulations, demands for improved fuel efficiency, consumer preferences for advanced features, and the overall expansion of global automotive production. However, challenges such as cost pressures, supply chain disruptions, and the complexity of EV integration exist. Opportunities arise from innovations in materials, global market expansion, collaborative efforts, and catering to the growing demand for vehicle customization and personalization. 

BIS Research, a leading market research firm, has released a report titled- Body in White Market, which discusses the challenges, growth factors, and future opportunities driving the market’s remarkable growth. The detailed study is a compilation of market data tables and figures spread across several pages. 



Key Players in the Body in White Market 

  • Martinrea International 
  • Dura Automotive 
  • Magna 
  • Voestalpine Group 
  • Gestamp Automocin 
  • Benteler International 
  • CIE Automotive 
  • Tower International 
  • KIRCHHOFF Automotive 
  • Futaba Industrial Co., Ltd. 
  • Aisin Seiki 
  • JBM Auto 
  • Dura Automotive 
  • Thyssenkrupp Group 
  • Hyundai Rotem Company 



Body in White Market Segments 

Segmentation 1: by End User 

  • Passenger Car
  • Light Commercial Vehicle
  • Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles
  • Electric Vehicles


Segmentation 2: by Manufacturing Method 

  • Cold Stamping
  • Hot Stamping
  • Roll Forming
  • Others


Segmentation 3: by Material Type 

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Magnesium
  • CFRP
  • Others


Segmentation 4: by Region 

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Rest-of-the-World



Key Questions Answered in the Report 

  • What are the primary factors propelling the global demand for the Body in White market?
  • What patents have been predominantly filed by companies operating in the global Body in White market?
  • What strategies have major companies employed to establish a competitive advantage in the Body in White industry?
  • What is the anticipated trajectory for growth potential in the Body in White industry?
  • Which application and product segment are projected to lead in the market during the forecast period (2023-2033)?
  • Which region and country are anticipated to emerge as market leaders throughout the forecast period (2023-2033)?



Table of Contents 

1.1    Trends: Current and Future Impact Assessment 

1.2    Supply Chain Overview 

1.3    Research and Development Review 

1.4    Regulatory Landscape 

1.5    Stakeholder Analysis 

1.6    Impact Analysis for Key Global Events- Covid-19 

1.7    Market Dynamics Overview 

2.1    Application Segmentation 

2.2    Application Summary 

2.3    Global Body in White Market – by End User       

3.1    Product Segmentation                 

3.2    Product Summary                 

3.3    Global Body in White Market – by Construction Type 

3.4    Global Body in White Market – by Manufacturing Method    

3.5    Global Body in White Market – by Material Type     

4.1    Regional Summary                

To Evaluate Report Coverage: Access Full TOC 



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About BIS Research  

BIS Research is a global B2B market intelligence and advisory firm focusing on deep technology and related emerging trends, which can disrupt the market dynamics in the near future. We publish over 200 market intelligence studies annually, focusing on several deep technology verticals.    

Our strategic market analysis emphasizes market estimations, technology analysis, emerging high-growth applications, deeply segmented granular country-level market data, and other important market parameters functional in the strategic decision-making for senior management.     

BIS Research offers syndicate and custom studies and expert consultations to firms, providing them with specific and actionable insights on novel technology markets, business models, and competitive landscapes.    




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