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Dry Ice Market to Grow at a CAGR of 6.40% During the Forecast Period (2024 – 2032)

Apr 20, 2024 11:59 AM ET

Dry Ice Market to Grow at a CAGR of 6.40% During the Forecast Period (2024 – 2032)

Market Overview

Dry Ice market‘s value reached USD 365.2 million. Projections indicate substantial growth, with the industry expected to expand from USD 397.2 million in 2024 to USD 763.50 million by 2032. This growth signifies a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.75% over the forecast period spanning from 2024 to 2032. By the day, there had been a rising preference for dry products in the market compared to water and ice-based products. Even in its fundamental form, Dry Ice has a comparatively low temperature considering the water-based Ice. This makes the product perfect and suitable for usage over other water-based products with their demerits. One of the major advantages of the product is that it doesn’t leave any residue when heated, making it the perfect side ingredient for using non-toxic properties. Most drinks like soda and non-carbonated drinks possess benefits, which are the major driving factors of the Dry Ice Market. There has been a constantly rising demand for dry products in various entertainment and pharmaceutical industries. The advantages of the product over water-based ice products make the market rise.

Dry Ice refers to the solid version of carbon dioxide (CO2). It is known for not leaving any residues. Dry Ice is produced by cooling and compressing the carbon dioxide at very high pressure, producing the liquid version of the compound. The initial stage of the compression always requires pressurized expansion, which leads to the formation of the desired initial stage. The process begins with a convenient hydraulic pressure applied to the basic compound, and then an adequate amount of pressure is applied to move to the formation of slices, blocks, and pellets. The temperature of the compound can soar down as low as -75 degrees from Ice, and when it undergoes the process of sublimation, Dry Ice is produced.

However, the pandemic brought a major drawback to the entire production of the Dry Ice Market. The supply chains were disrupted, as a result of which there was a problem with the import and export of raw materials. Despite this, healthy growth was forecasted for the market in its forecast period.

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Dry Ice Market: An Overview of Growth and Challenges

The global dry ice market has been witnessing significant growth over recent years, driven by a variety of factors. From its traditional use in the food and beverage industry to its expanding applications in healthcare, transportation, and entertainment, dry ice has become a versatile commodity. However, alongside opportunities come challenges and constraints that shape the market dynamics. Let’s delve deeper into the market landscape, exploring its drivers, opportunities, restraints, and challenges, along with segmentation and regional analysis.

Market Drivers:

Growing Demand in Food Preservation: With the rising demand for frozen foods and perishable items, dry ice has emerged as a preferred solution for preserving freshness during transit and storage. Its ability to maintain low temperatures without leaving residue makes it ideal for this application.

Expanding Applications in Healthcare: Dry ice finds extensive use in the healthcare sector, particularly for transportation and storage of medical samples, vaccines, and pharmaceuticals. The increasing focus on cold chain logistics and the need for temperature-sensitive product handling have fueled the demand for dry ice in this segment.

Rising Demand in Industrial Cleaning: The unique properties of dry ice, such as its ability to sublimate without leaving behind residues or moisture, make it an effective cleaning agent in industrial settings. As industries prioritize environmentally friendly and non-abrasive cleaning methods, the demand for dry ice blasting continues to grow.


Emerging Applications in Carbon Capture: With growing concerns about carbon emissions and climate change, there is a rising interest in carbon capture technologies. Dry ice, being a solid form of carbon dioxide, presents opportunities for its utilization in carbon capture and storage initiatives.

Innovations in Cold Chain Logistics: Technological advancements in cold chain logistics, including the development of advanced packaging solutions and temperature monitoring systems, present opportunities for the dry ice market. Manufacturers are exploring ways to enhance the efficiency and reliability of cold chain processes, driving the demand for dry ice.

Restraints and Challenges:

Supply Chain Constraints: The production of dry ice is heavily dependent on the availability and cost of carbon dioxide, which can be influenced by factors such as industrial production trends and regulatory changes. Fluctuations in the supply of carbon dioxide can pose challenges to market players.

Environmental Concerns: While dry ice itself is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, concerns may arise regarding its production process and the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere during sublimation. Addressing these environmental concerns and ensuring sustainable practices will be crucial for market growth.

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Market Segmentation

The Dry Ice Market is segmented majorly into type and application.

Depending upon the type, the Dry Ice Market is segmented into blocks, pellets, and others. Depending upon the application, the market is again segmented into storage, transport, healthcare, industrial cleaning, and food.

Regional Analysis

A recent geographical stat updated that the Dry Ice Market has recently shown its enormous global growth in the field of South America and Asia-Pacific due to its growing economies. Europe also leads its way with global driven demand for the same.

he dry ice market had been experiencing steady growth due to its diverse applications, including in food preservation, medical transportation, and industrial processes. The market was largely dominated by a few key players, with companies like Air Liquide, Continental Carbonic, Linde plc, and Praxair holding significant market shares. The exact distribution of market share among these and other players may have evolved since then. For the latest and most accurate information on the dry ice market share, I recommend consulting up-to-date industry reports and market analyses.

Key Players are:

Ice (US), Air Liquide (France), Dry Ice UK Ltd (UK), Dry Ice Corp. (US), Tripti Dry Ice Co (India), Pacific/Reliant Dry Ice (US), Continental Carbonic Products, Inc. (US), Single India Limited (India), Linde plc (US), Chuan Chon Enterprise (Taiwan), CryoCarb (US)

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